The DIY Guide To Installing New Floor Tiles

If you have decided to install new floor tiles and paving in Wellington all by yourself, then you certainly know that this can help you save money on labour costs. However, there are several specific steps that need to be follow, in order to make sure that the tiles will last in the long run and that they are aesthetically pleasant at the same time:

1. Prepare The Ground 

The first, and one of the most important steps of laying the floor tiles by yourself is to prepare the ground. You can install natural and ceramic floor tile over a mortar base, a cement board or over already existing tile – the choice is entirely yours, as long as you make sure that the ground is even.

2. Start With Laying Out The Pattern

Now that the ground is prepared, you need to measure the floor (the width and length) and to lay out the floor tile pattern. This will give you an idea about the final result, and it will also help you make any necessary adjustments, as some tiles will need to be cut and polished (especially those around corners). Do not forget to use the plastic spacers that come with the floor tiles!

3. Start Making The First Cuts 

After you have laid out the pattern and figured out which tiles must be modified, you need to get either a power wet saw or a manual snap cutter, the latter being more portable, lightweight and generally easier to use. Making the cuts is a very delicate process, and it is important to smooth out the edges of the tiles once you’re done. The power wet saw is suitable for thicker floor tiles, usually those made from hard ceramic or natural stone.

4. Apply The Adhesive 

After the tiles have been adjusted to meet the initial layout, it is important to start spreading the adhesive over the floor (the mastic). The thicker the floor tile, the thicker the layer of adhesive should be. Make sure the adhesive is spread evenly, otherwise it will not bond to the floor tiles – you can use a notched trowel for that.

5. Apply The Tiles And Push Them Gently Against The Floor 

The final step is to lay the floor tiles just the way you did when checking the layout. It is highly recommended to start laying the tiles from the center of the room, slowly working your way to the edges – this way, you will be able to make any additional adjustments, if required.

After you have installed all the floor tiles, gently press them down against the floor, to make sure that they bond. The tile adhesive must set for at least 24 hours before you move on to removing the plastic spacers between the tiles and grouting the joints. Premixed grout is usually the best choice, and the good news is that you can find it at virtually any store that specialises in home remodeling and tile installation in Wellington

Hire A Professional!

Installing the floor tiles yourself may not sound like a challenge at first, but if you do not want to take any chances and you want the final result to be top-notch, then you should consider hiring a professional tiler in Wellington.